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12 August 2007 @ 02:37 pm
Hair Dying and Alchemy  
 A story I posted on artalchemist a while ago and decided to share it here. ^.^
NOte: For those who don't know Ren he's a relative of Ka-Yu's who will be under Ka-Yu's care in the near future.

 The dark strands of hair fell in Aya's vision and he blinked a few times before sitting up. He rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, giving his hair a second look. Did it look darker than usual? Maybe it was just the lighting? He stood up, not noticing the  towel that was on the back of the chair covered in hair dye, and headed for the bathroom. When the light on, he nearly yelped out at the dark hair that adorn his head. Where was his blue hair? He ran his fingers through hair, still looking confused.
"Kids?" He then peeked his head, silence returning his call. Where were the kids and why did they dye his hair?
 At West, Alec and Kisa stepped into Utai's office. Utai was nose deep into work, and only the scent   alerted her that her kids were present.
"Where's your dad?" Utai asked, as she wrote her signature down on the paper. There was snicking from the two, and Utai wondered if they finally decided to let daddy feel the same fate the babysitters normally do. He was probably tied up in a closet somewhere. "Alec. Kira. Where is your father?" They broke out laughing and finally Utai brought attention up, only for her monicle to nearly fall out of place. Alec's blonde hair was now black, and Kira's blue hair had purple streaks in it. Utai blinked a few more times.
"Daddy isn't here. He doesn't know what we did."
"HOw did you guys dye your hair?"
"With alchemy." Utai blinked a few times.
"When did you learn alchemy?"
"We didn't do it." They said before they finally took off running. Utai blinked a few more times, now confused. Wait. If Aya didn't do it, and they didn't do it.
"COLONEL!" She yelled. It took a few moments before Ka-Yu stepped in, and following behind her was a raven haired male mini version of her with red tips in his black hair.
"You called, Fuhrer?" She asked, a grin on her lips.
"Did you dye their hair?"
"Yes, sir."
"They asked for it." She shrugged. "They even convinced Ren to do the same. Utai wasn't happy since they were her kids, she should decide when they can do it.
"Did Aya give permission?" There was an impish look on Ka-Yu's face, which signaled something was wrong. Oh no. Utai could feel a headache.
"No, sir. He didn't. They also asked me to change his hair color as well...while he napped."
"What?" Utai was shocked, before a grin crossed her lips. She wanted to see Aya's face when he had a different color. "What color is it?"
"Just the leftover black. It ended up being a dark blue thanks to his natural hair color." Ka-Yu said, smiling a bit. "We have cameras there so we can see his reaction later."