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Westside, the other side of the FMA military

The DUB side of FMA

Westside, The other side of the FMA Military
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So far in the DUB I've only heard of the Eastern and Central Headquarters. I thought I'd have a little fun and create a Western Headquarters (if there is one in the series, I'm not that far). Mind you this is DUB only, but if you've seen the whole series in Japanese and still want to join, refer to rule #7.

Now for introductions. I am Fuhrer of this community. I answer to Fuhrer Utai or Fuhrer Flame (if you get me confused with Mustang, then I will burn you). Just because I own a pair of gloves with the array on it, doesn't mean I am Mustang. As Fuhrer, I need a Colonel (in charge of Layouts) and a Lieutenant Colonel (in charge of Icons). They, of course, will have to be approved by me once I've seen their work, and they must be a part of this community.

Fuhrer: utai_mitsumo/fuhrer_utai Utai Mitsumo (I will not be using the second one on this journal, but it is a friends only journal for the militants of Westside to view. It is required to have friended if you are a part of this community)
Colonel: fallenkitten/artalchemist Ka-Yu (she will most likely stay with the second user, but both are up to not confuse you as they are the same person)
Lieutenant Colonel: some_kat/ltcol_jeanne Jeanne de Meung (she will most likely stay with the second user, but both are up to not confuse you as they are the same person)
Major: bigredpimp Draven Bradley (no relation to Fuhrer Bradley)
Major: kenshinkyo Kenshin Kyo Himura
Major: meetmykatana Aya Takatori-Mitsumo
Captain: fullmetalkatu Kalea Leilani Sterling
First Lieutenant: tsukisprite Reya
Second Lieutenant: aki_ookami Tsuyuu (Hobbit)

Major: splodeyfun Kimbley

Ok, that's done. On with the rules!


1. You must be a member to post. Your request to become part of Western HQ will come to me, and I will either accept (most likely) or refuse (unlikely) your request.
2. Respect the Fuhrer and the other members, or I will get cocky (my gun will do the talking). Fuhrer can be slow at times. Don't bug me about it.
3. When you post, make sure no one else has mentioned your post.
4. If you have icons, color bars, or anything else, put it behind an LJ-cut.
5. Yaoi/Yuri is accepted. Just warn us and hide it behind and LJ-cut.
6. Posts must be FMA related. If you have a question for me, you can e-mail me or leave a comment in my LJ.
7. I don't want to see spoilers on this community. If you MUST post spoilers, LJ-cut them!
8. Random posts from the chats are welcome, so is random crack about FMA, but keep it civilized.
9. If someone wishes to make a chat room for this military, tell me ahead of time so I can join it as well. I am online mostly all the time. If members wish to have a chatroom, name it westfmamilitary if I haven't made it yet. For the love of the Fuhrer...INVITE YOURSELF IN!!! I cannot tell you how tired I get from having to invite everyone in. Most of the names I DON'T have. That room will be for Westside militants only.
10. When you introduce your new character, either send me (the Fuhrer) or post your AIM name. If you don't wish for it to be public then you MUST send it to me. That way I'll know who to invite and who to boot from the chatroom.
11. Most of all, have fun!

All these rules are subjected to change. I may add or remove any that I wish.

So, lastly, welcome to the WESTSIDE.

~~Fuhrer Flame