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28 July 2010 @ 05:28 pm

No Matter What (Drabble #1)

Prompt: Swimsuit

Words: 226

Summary: Aya tries helping his wife to pick a suit out.


 “No.” Her ears had flatten as she bared her teeth at her other half. The artic fox chimera let out a deep chuckle as he looked at the bikini he held.
”What? I’ve seen you in less and still I think you look great.” At the response, Utai’s tail wagged happily, but the rest of her features showed she wasn’t amused. “You are just going to wear a shirt over it any ways.” Aya placed the suit back where it belongs before crossing over to her slowly. His fluffy tail curled around him to brush against her arm.
“That isn’t the point.” She tried to remain unhappy, but the fox tail had her attention. Soon she found herself relaxing and running her fingers through the fur. Her lover visibly shivered.

“Sure you might of popped out with a few kids, have metal parts and fur, but you’re still beautiful. No matter what swimsuit you wear.” His voice was low as he leaned in close, brushing his lips against one of her ears. A nip placed to the edge of her ear before he nodded to the changing room. “I can help you try some on if you really want to see for yourself.” She was going to protest, but the look he was giving her showed he wanted something else other than a swimsuit fashion show.

There. First attempt. 


Utai Mitsumo: Tsubasa - Fai Heartutai_mitsumo on July 29th, 2010 02:20 am (UTC)
How adorable~