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27 July 2010 @ 10:28 pm
Drabble Challenge!  
Tsuki and I were talking and came up with a fun little challenge for those who are interested.

Pick a theme for the list, and attempt to write one Drabble/Ficlet a week. You can alternate between your West characters and any other character you might be playing at present, but I would like at least a couple geared towards the community. This theme will last for a month (So you get about four themes). If you want, you can do the whole thing! Not an assignment (Since I'm not in charge), but thought it could get some creativity going or help towards other muses one has at present.

Summer Theme
Ice Cubes

Ice Cream

Starting Date: July 28th.
Ending Date: August 25th.

On a different note...
I made the journal body bigger than it was and turned icons back on.